Anti-Fake Lens

The lens manufactured starting first week of April 2009 onwards will be provided with a sticker containing the 20 digit hidden code to check the authenticity of the item. This is one of GEO medical Company's efforts to prove the authenticity of their products to their valued customers.

BEWARE of fake GEO contact lenses selling very low prices. Those might be fake GEO lenses (China). Do not hurt your eyes by purchasing fake GEO lenses!

Please check your lens' hidden code at

All products should have the sticker as shown in the figure above.
  1. Refer to the grey area with "Authenticity check, Scratch here" label. Please scratch on that portion and you will see the 20 digits code with combination of alphanumeric.
  2. Please log in to and key in that 20 digits code then press "Anti Fake" button.
  3. System will show "Dear customer, you bough the genuine Geo product made in Korea. Please rest assured to wear it! Thanks!" if the product is manufactured by GEO Korea.
  4. System will show "Please fill in the correct anti-fake code!" if you enter the wrong 20 digits code.
  5. This code is only can be checked once, this message will be prompted if you try to check again. "Sorry, your code was already checked off by someone else. Please contact us at (+86)0512 6836-5220 or the seller". This is to prevent other fake manufacturer from reusing this code.

    "Your eyes are too precious to wear fake lenses."