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GEO Angle Color Series (NEW!!)

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GEO Magic Color 2 Tone Series

GEO Magic Color 3 Tone Series

Contact lens case to give away!

Dear Valued Customers, We will have new promotion effective immediately.
*Purchase 2 pairs of contact lens will entitle a FREE LENS CASE. (while stocks last)
Purchase with purchase: RM1.20 per pcs.
Retail price : RM2.00 per pcs.

GEO Lens (Honey Wings) : CTS-103 (OL-103)

- 2 Tone
Refresh yourself and blow the summer on GEO Olive Green!!

Product Code: CTS-103 (OL-103)

Price: RM35.00 <---RM30.00
Status: Available
Specifications & Power: View!!

Only available for 0.00 degree.
"Order now!!"

GEO Lens (Nudy Color) : CH-627

- 2 Tone

Express sweet heart and complete your style on GEO Nudy pink!!

Fashion leader with splendid and characteristic look of eyes! Enjoy mystery of eye with moon shining, tearful eye look.

Product Code: CH-627
Price: RM35.00 <---RM30.00
Status: Available
Specification & Power: View!!

Only available for 0.00 degree.